Mobile User

Installation of the Mobile App

Search for Zoom and install zoom cloud meeting app


2. Open the app

Select Join and key in “805513865” as the meeting id, please join the meeting a few minutes before 7:30 PM so you could make sure your device is setup correctly.

Make sure you select call using internet audio so you could hear others or later speak.


如果您还是听不到声音,点击左下角的Join Audio


进入问答时间,所有人都可以发言,为了防止大家同时发言,请点击右下角的More按钮,选择raise hand, 这样主持人就可以看到您。并选择提问人,您就可以发言,然后另外举手的人发言。


Desktop Users

Please open the following Url in your browser

Allow install and open the addon app

Then you will join the meeting and see

In the bottom control bar, you could mute/unmute, Open/Close Video.

You will be be able to open the participate panel, and there to raise your hand during the QA session.


Technical Support:


Wechat: acekf-01